windows--1Are you paying too much on your heating and cooling costs?

  • Did your windows stick shut after being painted?
  • Does your house feel drafty?
  • Do you need a book to keep your windows open?
  • Do you hate having to paint your windows?

If you have one of these old, drafty windows then your hard earned money is going out the window…

Start Saving Energy and Money
Cap City Home is the exclusive provider of “Major Windows” in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. If you’re considering getting beautiful replacement windows that are also super energy-efficient, Cap City is the perfect fit for your home.

Cap City Windows come in a wide variety of styles to enhance the look of your home. Installing Cap City Windows is an investment that will pay for itself, but that’s not the only reason to choose them.

windows--2Receive Savings on Your Energy Bills – Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll save on your heating and cooling costs – and cut your energy bills – when you install Cap City Windows throughout your home.

Qualify for a Tax Credit
Install energy-efficient Major Windows and you’ll receive a federal tax credit to cover some of the cost.

Block 99.7% of Harmful Ultraviolet Light Rays
Ultraviolet light is responsible for sunburn and some kinds of skin cancer, in addition to causing blinds, upholstery and rugs to discolor and fade. Cap City windows block 99.8% of UV rays, to help keep your family and your furniture comfortable and safe.
The glass helps reflect standing heat away from the surface of the glass, keeping unwanted heat out in the summer and desired heat inside in the winter.

Reduce Noise Levels 40% Greater than Most Windows
Standard single-pane windows have Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 15 to 30. Cap City windows  provides  much higher rating   making for a more peaceful home environment.

Enhance Your Family’s Safety and Security
Keep your family safe. Cap City windows feature steel locks that are recessed into the window sash and virtually burglar-proof – unlike many competitors’ vinyl locks, which are screwed in from the top and are easy to break into.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance
Cap City windows come in a wide variety of classic and modern styles to complement your home. Our consultants will measure your windows and discuss design options with you. Then we’ll custom-order windows specifically for your home.

Virtually Eliminate Maintenance
Cap City Windows are resistant to rot, rust, corrosion, blistering, flaking and infestation by termites and other insects. They will never need to be scraped, sanded, stained or painted.

Open and Close Your Windows with Just One Finger
Instead of springs, strings, wires or residential grade balancers that require ongoing service or maintenance, Cap City Windows employ a state of the art technology Balance System. This allows you to open or shut them with minimal effort.

You’ll enjoy how much bigger and brighter your rooms will appear.  Our innovative hidden hardware conceals most of the working parts inside the window, giving you that clean designer look in every room.
Cap City windows help reduce your carbon footprint and help your neighborhood go green.  Not only do they reduce your fuel consumption and increase energy efficiency, new replacement windows also reduce your carbon footprint with Cap City’s sealed window technology.  The difference is measurable: you’ll reduce your home’s carbon emissions by as much as 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

When you purchase windows from Cap City Home, you get the perfect look and fit every time.  We precision- and custom-craft every window exclusively made for your home.  We’ll never offer you a generic or prefabricated window – we don’t force your home to fit our window.  With many colors to choose from, you’ll get the ideal look, color and fit for every window in your home.  And replacing your windows returns almost every dollar you invest.

And our windows are backed by a double lifetime guarantee.  If you, or the next owner of your home, experience any issues at all with your windows, we’ll come out and fix it.  No questions asked.  We stand behind our products 100%.