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A Message from Mitchell LaBorwit, CEO of Cap City Home Remodeling

As the founder of Cap City, I often revisit our company’s foundation and the reason for existence.  With countless places to buy windows and siding in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, why choose our company?

In essence, what sets us apart from other companies offering similar window and siding products and services?

To answer these questions, one must have an understanding of the landscape of window and siding suppliers in the Baltimore and Washington area. Homeowners have countless options when it comes to purchasing windows and siding – a fact that becomes painfully obvious as we listen to all types of radio, print, television and online advertisements. However, customers – the actual homeowners – do not have access to as much information or details as is necessary to make a well-informed purchasing decision. Window and Siding industry statistics traditionally yield a high percentage of buyer’s remorse. For example, more than 40% of new homeowners are unhappy with their windows! In my opinion, this undoubtedly equates to a genuine need for a window and siding company whose top focus involves educating the customer and providing a solid, comprehensive post-sales support system.

The Making of a Customer-Focuses Window and Siding Company

With twenty five years of window and siding experience, our company not only has the information necessary , but we pride ourselves on providing and sharing that important information with the consumer. When I started Cap City, educating consumers was my top priority. Today, it continues to be one of the components that set Cap City apart from the competition. We provide more than basic information on window and siding products for consumers by offering an in-depth educational experience. Personally, I truly believe that focusing on the customer experience results in a much higher level of satisfaction.

Cap City offers products and services to a variety of homeowners. Each project is unique, and we believe there should not be a cookie cutter approach to the buying experience.

Considerations When Purchasing Windows and Siding

Price and availability for windows and siding are often of secondary importance to various benefits, features, and options. The general public knows little about the explosion of options made available over the past ten years for windows and siding.  Cap City includes accompanying spec-sheets so customers are fully aware of all product options available when they place an order. Knowing what window and siding options are available ensures our customers make a well-informed decision.  You will never hear one of our customers say “I didn’t know that option was available…”

After making their purchase, customers often wonder who they should contact with regard to questions about their window and siding installation, or for warranty claims, or even how to properly operate the locking system of their new door, windows or siding.  At many window and siding companies, there is simply no contact or follow up to help assist customers with these important items.  It’s why people get buyer’s remorse!  This is where the Cap City experience really stands out. With dedicated in-house window and siding field technicians and a dedicated service manager to oversee warranty and service inquiries, our customers can rest assured that they have chosen to work with a company that goes above and beyond. The best window in the world isn’t worth a dime if a customer cannot have it serviced when is broken or in need of repair.

The internet is full of negative reviews on websites regarding poor window service and dissatisfaction with window and siding products. This is largely due to lack of response to customers in need of service and support. The distribution network for most window and siding brands does not include convenient, reliable support systems for warranties and servicing. At Cap City, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive the best in customer support from start to finish.

I guarantee it.

Mitchell LaBorwit


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