Storm Damage


Year after year, significant hail and wind damage to thousands of homes across the country. When that happens, home owners turn to their insurance providers for help. What they don’t realize are challenges they face in order to successfully recover their financial losses. Some home owners believe it’s as simple as calling in a claim and collecting a check, when in reality it’s the farthest thing from the truth.

Little Out Of Pocket Expense

Hundreds of homeowners have already had the repairs to their homes at little out-of-pocket expense. If your property has been damaged by the storm, then you are entitled to have your property restored. We work directly with you and your insurance carrier to make sure your protected.

We Help You Handle The Entire Process

We handle the entire process with you, so you don’t have any headaches or oversights! Cap City has created an insurance claims assistance center to guide you through the process. We have the knowledge of Policy Rights & Laws to ensure your claim is handled in a fair manner. As an advocate on your behalf, we communicate and meet with your insurance carrier to ensure restoration of your house to its condition prior to the storm. We ensure the utmost respect and consideration will be given to you in this time of uncertainty. We are experienced contractors. (Not Public Adjusters) We do the work to replace or repair.

Don’t Wait on Repairs!

Hail strikes or wind to your roof can lead to leaks, years after the impacts, while you only have a limited time period in which your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of the damage. By not having the repairs done, you may risk a loss in property value, or you may incur repairs at your own expense!

Risks of Ignoring Potential Damage

  1. Your roof warranty is voided when hit by hail (reference manufacture booklet).
  2. It causes roof leaks within 2-3 years after impact (granule protection is knocked off).
  3. Limitation on time period. If you wait to make a claim and the period ends, you will have to pay for the repairs instead of your insurance carrier when you experience leaks.
  4. Your home could lose value when sold. Inspectors and appraisers are trained to look for prior damage and will deduct value when it is found.
  5. Your home will steadily decrease in value because the products on your home exterior are substandard, compared to the other residents in your area. These other residents have refurbished their property with an insurance (hail) damage settlement.

Let Our Experience Work For You:

Many adjusters and insurance companies have different standards they must follow based on their respective claims department manual. That’s why it’s important to have a professional expert on your side to assist you and look out for your best interest. It’s imperative that all losses be confirmed and included the day of the adjuster meeting. It’s our job to make sure all the damaged items including necessary material needed to bring the home up to code are included in the work scope.

Throughout your claim, you will encounter various issues such as deciphering the scope of damages, procedures in order to collect depreciation and supplementing for missed items. Do you know the questions to ask as to why you are entitled to a re-inspection process if denied? Chances are you don’t, because it’s not your job to. On the other hand it is ours and that why it makes perfect sense to have our team of specialists on your side. Let us help and we will make sure your covered if possible .

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