• The Roofing Process Part.1

    With thousands of roofers around the country, how do you decide which one you can trust? Doing your due diligence is key and finding a Certified contractor is just as important. In order to enforce a higher standard of installation GAF implemented a roofing certification program for contractors and companies in the industry. With GAF only awarding this special certification to highly screened contractors nationwide, Cap City is proud to be one of the few who are qualified for this status.

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The Roofing Process Part.2

Two reasons… First, since it’s impossible to obtain this status without going through the certification process which is a clear indication that our workers are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Also, GAF requires all certified candidates to have a clean and dependable reputation. This shows that Cap City is honest and trustworthy. All of these qualities can be translated into better craftsmanship during the installation process.

The Roofing Process Part.3

Second, this type of company backed certification allows us to offer certain warranties that other contractors cannot. In an effort to stand behind its products and certification program, GAF implemented a Warranty, which is only available through Certified Contractors.