There is a potentially record breaking U.S.winter for 2011-2012, with extremely cold temperatures and exceptional levels of snow.  Requests for residential solar installations are up That will not only help keep a lid on heating bills, but it will help preserve homeowners’ investments for a longer service life. While winter is still preparing for its annual trip back across the Equator. Homeowners should check weatherstripping, hardware and caulking. Broken, cracked, brittle or discolored caulking or weatherstripping should be replaced. Locking hardware should seal the sash tightly against the weatherstripping. Controlling water penetration is another important consideration. Water drainage pathways–weep holes and sill dams–must be kept clear of dirt, sand, stucco, paint, sealants, roofing cement or any other debris.

Water leakage can occur at the main frame corners if not properly maintained; and if a crack appears, it should be sealed . Homeowners should be advised never to use a razor blade, putty knife, steel wool,abrasive pad or anything that may scratch the glass surface or mark  the framing. Also, a pressure washer or high-pressure sprayer should never be used to wash or rinse windows , doors or skylights, as this can dislodge seals and gaskets and damage frame components. If glass is cracked or broken, or if there is fogging between insulating glass panes, Cap City should be contacted for replacement. Battening the hatches by replacing windows, doors and skylights can in some measure help smooth a wild winter ride–


Homeowner service requests for energy-efficient projects increased substantially year-over-year and during the first half of 2011 actually 52%, -mainly for  eShield attic insulation and Solar PV and  Solar Hot Water.

The motivating factors among those surveyed are saving on energy bills (35%), protecting the environment (25%) and improving the comfort
(23%). Energy efficiency is the top of mind as energy costs rise and new financing and incentive programs grow.

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